Extreme Window Cleaning

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Whether you're a business owner, homeowner, or landlord, if you don't want to clean your windows, call us. Extreme Cleaners Inc. will do it for you. We can arrange customized monthly, quarterly, or annual schedules, and we offer bulk window discounts. We use professional window cleaning equipment and provide our own insurance. We clean windowsills and use Windex inside and out. Our experienced techs use squeegees and micro-dry windows to leave no streaks.

  • Windex cleaning inside and out
  • Window sills
  • Ladder windows
  • Experienced Tech- leaves no streaks
  • Detailed window cleaning
  • Bulk window discounts
  • Squeegee and micro-dry
  • Professional equipment
  • Insured

We can customize a window cleaning schedule to fit each individual customers needs monthly / quarterly / yearly

Window Cleaning Poughkeepsie, NY
Window cleaning company  Poughkeepsie, NY